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At St. Matthews Animal Clinic, we believe dental care is crucial to the health of your pet and, as required, we perform a wide range of dental procedures. It is impossible to perform a proper dental cleaning for animals unless they are under general anesthesia; there is simply too much beneath the gum line. Therefore, we anesthetize the animal to permit deeper cleaning. We scale and polish their teeth and perform a thorough oral inspection to look for indications of disease or illness. Then, we encourage follow-up home care with special dental treats, rinses, or applications to the teeth to prevent tartar buildup. We try to emphasize preventive care with dentistry because that benefits you and your pet!

We can also help with more serious dental issues, such as removing decayed or damaged teeth. If your pet needs other dental services, we can help. In addition, we have a digital dental radiography unit, which provides rapid, high-quality images for dental diagnostics, this is performed for every dental procedure