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What To Expect

We proudly say that we are “The Clinic with a Big Heart—In the Heart of St. Matthews.” If you are new to our practice or considering becoming a client, we would like to say, “Welcome.” We believe you will find us to be active, engaged, and considerate partners in caring for your pet. We are all “pet people.” Our staff has a deep commitment to the care and well-being of animals as well as the knowledge to deliver on that commitment. It is an unspoken but always present part of what we do at St. Matthews.

Our determination to provide care that works for pets and people starts with our convenient location. Going to the vet shouldn’t be an ordeal. We make it simple. When you visit, we hope you’ll find that we are a good fit in other ways, too, especially the full range of veterinary services we provide.

What To Expect

We recognize that you and your pet have a special relationship and that how you care for your pet at home is just as important as anything we do. That’s why we provide links and resources to give you the information you need to succeed.

Our veterinarians and staff have a great reputation in the community for providing effective and compassionate care. We approach every patient on a case-by-case basis, pursuing only necessary and pertinent tests for each individual animal. Check out our Pet Wellness page to see what we recommend on an annual basis for your pet.

Although we always prefer it when clients make appointments in advance, we realize health problems can’t be planned for so we are always ready to accommodate you and your pet when a situation develops without warning. With continued improvement in veterinary care and available veterinary medicines, animals are living longer lives. This means that some diseases and conditions that were once rare are now more common in this older population. With planning, many of these health challenges can be managed.

When you come into our clinic, you will be greeted with a smiling face by one of our receptionists who will quickly get you checked in and make the medical staff aware you are here, we then call you by pet’s name into an exam room where history, medications given, and diet information is taken by one of our Medical Care Team members. Your pet’s information is then shared with a veterinarian, we prepare any vaccinations and tests warranted and one of your veterinarians will be in to exam your pet as soon as possible. We look forward to meeting you and your furry companion!