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Therapeutic Laser
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Pet Therapeutic Laser

Cold laser therapy is noninvasive and uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase the circulation of blood. It is used to treat the surface of the skin. Laser therapy uses a beam of light that travels at a certain frequency, generating heat so it can penetrate a pet’s tissue. Laser therapy can effectively treats patients who suffer from arthritis or have other soft tissue injuries. It treats both acute and chronic problems like sprains, strains, swelling, and much more. Laser therapy also promotes wound healing quite effectively.

Many people worry that their pets won’t tolerate laser therapy. However, most pets find it relaxing and enjoy it very much. They also like how much better they feel with treatment.

Owners enjoy the fact that we don’t have to shave their pets before treatment. Sedation is not necessary, so treatment can be broken up into multiple short sessions. Owners are pleased when they see their pets become more mobile and more like themselves as they start to feel better. It can take up to 3 treatments before you see any improvement, and you may see some soreness within the first 24 hours of their first treatment but this just indicates that it is working. The best process is to do is the 3, 2, 2, 1 schedule; 3 treatments the first week, then 2 the next, 2 the next, then 1 the last week. We will then see how your pet is doing to determine how often they need to come after that, it could be once a week to once a month for maintenance.

If you have any questions about laser therapy, don’t hesitate to talk to your veterinarian about this service.

Therapeutic Laser
Check out the video below for more information on the therapeutic laser and its benefits.