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Pet Wellness Ultrasound Scan Louisville, KY

Pet Wellness Ultrasound
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Pet Wellness Ultrasound

Pet Wellness Ultrasound Scan

St. Matthews Animal Clinic strives to provide the best and most up to date medical care and technology for our patients/your furry family members. We are very excited to now be offering our wellness scans!

What is a Senior Wellness Ultrasound Scan?
  • A comprehensive, organ-specific view of your pet
    • Overview of the chest and abdomen
    • Performed by trained staff and doctors
    • Reviewed by board-certified radiologist or internal medicine specialist
  • Recommended annually 
    • Alternate with biannual senior exams & bloodwork
What are the benefits from annual ultrasound scans?
  • Diagnose conditions and diseases early
  • Track and monitor progressive conditions
  • Used in conjunction with annual bloodwork for more complete diagnoses
What does this mean for my pet?
  • No shaving
  • Low stress and minimal handling
  • Pets can be dropped off and picked up at your convenience